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We starts keiko from March, 2021.

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Aikido does not have matches. Therefore, one can practice at their own pace without competing with others.
At the Tsuchiura-Tsukuba Aikikai, we mainly practice the Iwama Style, which is considered to be more martial than the other styles.
Although there are some differences, all dojos have one principle, known as "wago" (unity or harmony). Following this principle, everyone, from beginners to the experienced or young to the veterans, practice Aikido. Aikido does not rely on muscle strength, so it is a martial art anyone can learn regardless of age or gender.

Dojo venue
 Tsuchiura City Budokan 2F
 10-19 Bunkyōchō, Tsuchiura-shi
Date and time
 Mondays and Wednesdays
 7:00 PM ~ 8:45 PM
Tsuchiura City Budokan (map)
New members​ welcome!
If you are interested in Aikido, feel free to come to get a feeling of the dojo.
The dojo is equipped with air conditioners, making a comfortable place to practice.
2019 All Japan Aikido Demonstration

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2018 Ibaraki Shihan Demonstration